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Elly@Home is a customized home learning program for children from the age of 1 to the age of 5. If this happens to be your first year of home-schooling, you honestly couldn’t have begun at a better time.


Welcome to having a hands-on, expertly tailored, simple-to-follow curriculum for teaching your children at home.

Why choose


Live Sessions

Live sessions for your child in a highly interactive web-based virtual classroom.

Elly Resource Kit

Comprehensive resource kit specially curated to stimulate all areas of multiple intelligences.

Elly Companion App

Animated stories, rhymes and other exclusive digital content to ensure your little one learns while having fun!

Elly Podcast

Exclusive access to audio stories providing an enhanced source of educational content.

Parent as a Teacher

This module embodies the definition of home-schooling where you, as a parent unlock the teacher within you. We act as enablers by providing material such as comprehensive home learning resource kits and weekly instructions helping you go about this process. We also provide access to a web app and a companion app that is home to exclusive digital content to ensure a truly enriching experience!

Teacher Assisted

This is a blended module where a dedicated teacher is ‘assisting’ parents by engaging the child through means of a live virtual session. Children benefit from the opportunity of learning while also being able to interact with peers via a virtual platform. All the activities are designed keeping in mind the learning objectives allowing for a structure with respect to the identification and achievement of developmental milestones.

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Vipin VargheseTAM module ELP 2

We as parents are very happy with our child’s performance. His communication skills are improving day by day. This has been his first journey of learning and it’s the best of his lifetime. My son really enjoys the live interactions and all the credit goes to the Elly@Home team!

Spoorthi Hegde, PAT module ELP 1

We were a little apprehensive about the Parent as a Teacher module for our child as we were worried about how we would be able to go about this ourselves. But one week in, my daughter Kashvi was really enjoying the entire process. I think the structure of the daily schedules, activities and support from the Elly team made this program really easy and brought out the best in my child!

Frequently asked questions

What is the Elly@Home learning program?

Elly @Home is a home-school preschool program designed primarily to abide by the new norm. We provide a simple preschool curriculum for parents who wish to have a blueprint with respect to what to do with their kids. Hence, no more worrying that the kids aren’t learning.

I don’t have any experience in teaching, can I teach my toddler at home with your Elly@Home program?

A Parent is a Child’s First Teacher!
Home-schooling is one of the most interesting consequences of the recent change in times. Parents are now more aware of the benefits of homeschooling and how it could really work for their children. Elly@Home will help you be an empowered teacher in the learning that happens every day!

What if the children miss a year of Preschool?

The early years, especially the first five years of a child’s life are very important for brain development. While physical development is dependent on the nurturing of the parent other development such as pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills if missed out in the foundation years will have an adverse effect on academic preparation for future.

What are the different options/variations in Elly@Home?

We have 3 variations/options here at Elly@Home PAT (Parent as Teacher) -This is one of the most affordable modules ideal for parents who are passionate about teaching their children. Along with comprehensive home learning resource kits, parents are given access to a Web App and companion App with weekly instructions. TAM (Teacher assisted module) -Under this module there is a committed virtual teacher to help the parent on a daily basis. This is ideal for parents who are in a work from home (WFH) situation. Little bit of parental help is required while the virtual learning session is in progress. TAM can also be offered at places where we don’t have Little Elly centres. Hence, a teacher in Bangalore can support an admission in Dharwad or Hyderabad or in the US. CAM (Center assisted module) – This is a Blended learning model where parents are provided with a Home learning Kit and virtual sessions by dedicated teachers from the franchisee conducted on a daily basis. Parents will continuously get counselling and help from the respective franchisee and also have the option of attending regular school, when the situation gets normal. This module is suggested for children who have priorly attended the earlier year in preschool.”

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