• Helping your child have a strong sense of identity by making them independent, connecting your child with and contributing to their world by learning about their environment, cultures etc,
  • Giving them a strong sense of well-being by involving them in physical activity, learning practice, resilience and being provided with opportunities to strengthen decision-making skills,
  • Making them confident and involved learners and challenge & inspire them to investigate and explore,
  • Making them effective communicators by are immersing and involving them in language with a range of contexts and materials.
  • Numeracy: We attempt to reinforce words describing big/small, long/short, near/far, up/down etc, your child will learn to count, write and identify numbers from 1-50 with the help of resources such as ‘Mathematics Readiness’, ‘Mathematics Skills and Concept’ books, square line books and various practice worksheets.
  • Mathematics Skills: We also introduce advanced addition and subtraction (using number line, objects etc).
  • Language Enrichment: We focus on language enrichment mainly concentrating on vocabulary development, early reading skills & sight words. We also look into formation of letters (writing) and also provide optional cursive writing; all this with the aid of a ‘Writing Readiness Book’, ‘Phonics Activity Book’, Elly Web App & Companion App and red and blue four-line books. We also introduce Hindi as a second language to the child by touching basic concepts such as vocabulary and Swar recognition अ – अ:,Varnamala recognition, songs, rhymes and story telling by means of a ‘Reader Book’and a ‘Hindi Alpabet Writing Book’.
  • Physical Development: We have also incorporated physical development as an integral part of our program as it is essential to develop gross-motor and fine-motor skills. We have suggested activities that can be carried out indoors/outdoors such as simple Yoga exercises and various games. We ahave play dough fun, tracing activities and coloring activities that are included. We also make it a point to reinforce life-skills such as washing hands, buttoning, learning to pour, toy washing, making a snack etc.
  • Our approach is thematic. We have a new theme every month – eg: Action words, feelings, seasonal clothes etc. We also provide an Interleaf book – To allow the kids to form words and simple sentences, sticking pictures mapped to the theme and provide them with practice worksheets. These themes will dictate everyday activities including scrapbook activities that allow kids to get creative whilst creating memories!
  • Music and Movement are a great part of this program! We introduce old rhymes and new age rhymes and with dance kids and explore and control their body movements. Along with a Rhymes Book, the Elly Web App and Companion App is home to a collection of Rhymes and music to keep your child moovy & groovy!

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