Age: 1.5+ (as on 31st May)

  • Shapes and Colors: Introduction to basic/primary colors and shapes followed by more advanced shapes and colors by means of our ‘Early Concept Books’ and everyday activities.
  • Numeracy:  Introducing numeracy i.e., one-to-one correspondence, counting and numbers from 1-10 with the help of resources such as magnetic numbers, tracing activities and a ‘Mathematics Readiness’ book. 
  • Alphabet knowledge: identification of letters of the alphabet (Capital Letters) with the aid of customized ‘Alphabet reading cards’, magnetic letters and a ‘Reading Readiness’ book.
  • Language Enrichment: Focus on language and mainly concentrating on vocabulary development.
  • Physical development as an important part of the program as it is essential to develop gross-motor and fine-motor skills. Suggested activities that can be carried out indoors/outdoors such as barefoot exploration, ball games, play dough fun and coloring activities etc.
  • Thematic Approach with a new theme every month – eg: All about me (My Body), Animals, Transportation etc. These themes will dictate everyday activities including scrapbook activities.
  • Music and Movement are a great part of this program! We introduce old rhymes and new age rhymes and with dance so kids can explore and control their body movements- along with a Rhymes Book and the Elly Web App which is home to a collection of Rhymes and music.
  • Sorting: learning to sort, classify, and work with objects.
  • Predicting: asking and answering questions.
  • Learning to recall and retell stories.

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