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The Elly Advantage

If you’re wondering, “Why Elly@Home?” Here is a list of reasons. 

Our exclusive resources and constant support really adds that EllyAdvantage to this homeschool preschool experience!

Elly Resource Kit

We provide a comprehensive home resource kit designed to stimulate all areas of ‘multiple intelligence’ and appeal to the different styles of learning. This contains all the physical material i.e. concept books and subjects books, guides, activity sheets etc that you might require for the whole years’ curriculum. It also includes additional activity material mapped with our curriculum.

Live Sessions

A key attribute of our teacher assisted module is the exposure to an interactive environment through the means of live sessions. Live classes allow for interaction between the teacher and the child and also among peers thus helping develop social skills.

Elly Web App

Daily schedules and curriculum content is updated on a weekly basis on the Elly Web App. Parents also get access to all exclusive digital content that are mapped to our curriculum.

Elly Companion App

The Elly Companion app is a mobile app that works as learning reinforcement. Digital content related to the learning theme of the month is handpicked.

It is said… “You hear; You forget. You See; You Remember. You do; you understand!”
The  animated stories, Rhymes and other content ensures that the child learns and understands while having fun.

Periodic Development Review

It’s always good to Inspect What We Expect. The objective of Elly@Home is not only to administer the curriculum but also to monitor progress that the child makes. We have a periodic review system in place where our counselor interacts with the child & parent to make observations and ascertain how many concepts and skills the child has picked up during that period.  

Elly Virtual Field Trip

We are aware that in the current situation of Covid-19, it’s not practically possible for children to go out for a field trip. However, we want to give the little ones the Simulated Experience of field trips by taking them on a virtual drive to places like… Fire Station, Post Office, supermarket, Bank etc. This would give them exposure to learning many new things. This we believe can and will Make A Difference.

Story time with Elly

We believe story time is an extremely productive time and a valuable contributor to a child’s learning space. At Elly@Home we offer a variety of stories as an attempt to enrich and expand a child's capabilities as listeners and absorbers of information.

Elly Podcasts

We give access to a series of audio stories with learning contents. These podcasts would be handy to get a recap of things taught or getting things reinforced.

Parenting Sessions

Parenting is one of the most interesting and challenging responsibilities we undertake in our life. You will get the opportunity to attend and participate in our ‘Parenting Sessions’ addressed by experts to enrich your knowledge as a parent. This also gives you a platform to get any of your issues on parenting addressed.

We are working to bring significant changes in online-based learning by developing online tools & providing hands-on preschool experiences at home through a diligently prepared curriculum arrived at through extensive research.

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