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Learning begins at home

Online Preschool for toddlers

Don’t let your toddler fall behind!



Elly@Home is uncompromisingly designed for your child's all-round learning from the safety and comfort of home. This homeschool preschool model originated in response to the new need of the hour.

A Lasting Legacy

Elly@Home is the new connected learning venture from the minds behind Little Elly, a schooling program synonymous with education in Bangalore. From a humble beginning in 2004, we stand tall today with close to 130+ centres all over India, and overseas footprints in Seattle (USA) & Kathmandu (Nepal).

Experience preschooling unlike anything else.

Why Elly@Home?


We believe that “Learning should never stop!”

Over 50% of a child’s ability to learn is developed in the first 5 years. Don’t miss out on this crucial time of not just your child’s physical but intellectual development.

If this happens to be your first year of home-schooling, you honestly couldn’t have begun at a better time.

Elly@Home is a customized Home Learning Program for toddlers from the age of 1 to the age of 5. We are committed to providing your child the best opportunities to have truly well-rounded development while empowering them to unleash their full potential.

Parent as a Teacher


Parents, unlock the teacher within you!

Welcome to having a hands-on, expertly tailored, simple-to-follow curriculum for teaching your children at home!

We provide comprehensive home learning resource kits and structured and organized schedules to go about this process.

Teacher Assisted


This is a blended module. A dedicated teacher is engaging the child by means of a live virtual session. Children while learning are also able to interact with peers via this virtual platform. All activities are designed keeping in mind learning objectives, & the identification and achievement of developmental milestones.

Learning Style




Developmental Domains

We utilize what is called “whole child instruction.” Young children are developing in several areas or domains simultaneously and each of these areas of development is equally important. Not only are they equally important, they are also interwoven.

Early Learning Program-1


Age criteria:

1.5 years+

Early Learning Program-2


Age criteria:

2.5 years+

Early Learning Program-3


Age criteria:

3.5 years+

Early Learning Program-4


Age criteria:

4.5 years+

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We are working to bring significant changes in online-based learning by developing online tools & providing hands-on preschool experiences at home through a diligently prepared curriculum arrived at through extensive research.

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